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Other Information Each safety data sheet (“SDS”) list above was prepared in accordance with 29 CFR 1910.1200 by Syar Industries, Inc. (“Syar”). Syar inclusive of its subsidiaries, does not assume any liability arising out of the use of these products by others. The information, recommendations, and suggestions presented in this SDS are based upon test results and data believed to be reliable. The end user of eachproduct has the responsibility for evaluating the adequacy of the SDS information under the conditions of use, determining the safety, toxicity and suitability of the product under these conditions, and obtaining additional or clarifying information where uncertainty exists. No guarantee expressed or implied is made as to the effects of such use, the results to be obtained, or the safety and toxicity of the product in any specific application. The information herein is not represented as absolutely complete, since it is not practicable to provide all the scientific and study information in the format of this document, and additional information may be necessary under exceptional conditions of use, or because of applicable laws or government regulations.

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